Naha to Zamami

Razor-sharp rocks, sea snakes and Trump…how else do you end a holiday?


Asia’s answer to Hawaii is everything you would imagine; white sandy beaches, cocktails and really pointy rocks!

One Night In Kyushu

One night in Fukuoka is enough to fall in love with one of Japan’s most vibrant cities


From the mountains of Miyajima to the Peace Park of Hiroshima…there were a lot of emotions.

Osaka Nights

Japan’s second city earned its title…but its fighting to become number one!

Kyoto: Chapter 3

Golden temples, parades and a lot of shopping, the only way to say goodbye to Kyoto!

Kyoto: Chapter 2

The one day we dress appropriately for the weather and guess who gets sun burned!?

Kyoto: Chapter 1

Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan and centre of Japanese history and tradition to this day.